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Many students opt for private lessons - (A favourite with couples and friends)

They are a great way of ensuring rapid progress within the system or if unable to make class times

'The Sunday Telegraph' trained with Krav Maga London

Combat Training

A private session at your location is the way to go if you are pushed for time
and would prefer the attention and focus of a personal teaching session.

I do all the travelling; so you save the 30min to the gym and the 30min back

I turn up with the pads, gloves & weapons.
We don't need a lot of space, it is self defence after all.
We train students in their living rooms, garages, hallways or gardens.
Sometimes the local park provides a suitable location.

The first classes start at 7am, run throughout the day and finish late evenings. 

Please call for availability and bookings

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KRAV MAGA MOORGATE EC2 - Private Lessons
One Ropemaker St, EC2Y 9AW
By Appointment Only   Mon-Sat  7am-9pm        Map

How much do private lessons cost?
75            1:1
40each    2 persons
If 3+ people want to train then if possible
I encourage upping the session to 90mins then its 40 each etc

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"Few men are born brave; many become so through training and force of discipline."

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