Touring and Training in the Holy Land for our instructors, students and guests from around the world. You do not need to have experience in martial arts or Krav-Maga to take a part in our course but it is preferable. Our instructors teach according to level and experience of the participants. (Please see the review below).

The training is based in our main training centre in the city of Netanya
(we also train in the Wingate Institute, and in other locations in Israel).
Netanya is a beautiful city on the coast with a great beach, nice restaurants, and good spirit.

You should expect intensive training, of about 4-5 hours a day, in our regular gym environment together with other locations such as: water and night training,
urban self-defence, outdoor training and more. The course will cover many subjects
from the system, including: defending armed assaults; fighting skills; training
and  experiencing KM in different locations, environments and places; and more).
We also include special tours (including touring the desert), combat shooting,
training with expert levels from Israel and more.

All training will be appropriate to the levels of the participants.

Local and foreign instructors are invited, adequate as well as separated training will be given.

Team of world class instructors will teach in the event, you should expect a team as: Eyal Yanilov, Gabi Noah, Eli Ben-Ami, Avi Moyal, Amnon Darsa, and others.

For more info and booking click here to go to the IKMF official global website.

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