A word on equipment and Injury avoidance

Use equipment to avoid injury
Injury means time away from training and nobody wants that

Don't train with careless, thoughtless people who might injure you

If people constantly misjudge their strikes during training then
I suggest you start misjudging your strikes back


Boxing/Training Gloves
I now use a Title Gel XL training glove when doing any pad or bag work frequently augmented by a knuckle guard
A broken hand can change the way you look after your hands

'I need my hands for playing with the kids and the guitar etc.. .'

Everlast Gel Wristwrap Gloves

Supposedly an alternative to using a crepe/bandage wrap
not as bad effort but several design flaws including using neoprene which is quite sticky and therefore doesn't slip into a boxing glove
I use them purely as a protective layer whilst doing general training
I use wraps when doing any pad/bag work

Title Gel MMA Wristwrap Glove
Very good 'Gel' padding at the front of the glove
A very protective glove
I now use these when for quick light pad drills

Harbinger's 320 Bag Glove Wrist Wrap
Good wrist strapping stabilizes the wrist joint and there is good foam padding that protects the top of the hand and knuckles. Pretty much the club standard. there is a grip bar in the palm which helps prevent over-flexing the fingers and helps to stabilize the hand
Get them on Ebay (beware of fakes) ,
or Google them

Century Leather Wrap Bag Gloves
Great glove for work on speed bag heavy bag or grappling
They anchor around the wrist for good wrist support
A good Fist-forming grip bar-sadly plastic tube so can injure training partners on open hand techniques

Most of us have a pair of either the Harbinger or Century lurking about.

When should you use these or other MMA type gloves?
Pretty much when ever you can
             -  Hitting the pads or bags
             -  Playing the 360 games
Use them to regularly protect the hands and wrists

Elastoplast Wrist Support
A simple Loop attached to a neoprene bandage that anchors over the thumb and then the neoprene wraps around the wrist supporting and warming  the wrist, velcroing back on itself; quite easy to adjust. Much easier to use than hand wraps.
I bought mine from Boots, they cost about the same as Gold or Diamonds
There should be plenty of alternatives about


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