September 2009
Chris Mundle
,  a friend and the owner of DestinationW1
tragically and suddenly passes away aged 46
A blow to us all and a great loss to those that knew him
Our condolences to his family

August 2009
Intensive Pilates and Rehab in an attempt to negate hip surgery
and reduce back pain
Actually quite enjoying the Pilates-enrol on instructors course for next year

July 4th 2009
Dionysia arrives, a little girl!! Wow!!
No expert camp for me in July 09
Its' time with the family

March 2009
DestinationW1, my main training venue closes, a casualty of the credit crunch

December 2008
CT scans show damage to right pedicle L5 vertebra and facet joints
A brace might be forthcoming.... A brace!!!!!!

November 2008
Comprehensive scans show torn labrum both hips, cyst r.hip,
bony growth on femurs - SURGERY REQUIRED....  Eeek!

Summer 2008
Go into rehab for hip and back
No expert camp for me in July 08
Its holiday time with the family

June 2008

Hip injuries playing squash and training

28th August 2007

March 2007

Sustain a spinal injury during instructor training

27th May 2007
My Son is born, welcome Reece!

21st January 2007
A Day on the Journey - 'G5'  Success!!!
(Another 12months before I can take my expert level)
After 2 days seminar training with 'Eyal Yanilov' followed by a day long grading,
I achieved my G5 grade as did a few of my buddies.
Congratulations go to 'Roger Ennalls' - G5,
                                    'John Aldcroft'   - G5
'Mat Adkins'- G4
'Mike Hussey' - G4
                                    'Marc Nohr' - G3

Jon Soloman amongst others from the East Finchley Club wished me luck on the Thursday prior to the training/Grading- (Thanks Guys!)
I distinctly remember pointing out that ,
'Yes, I wanted success at the grading but not to get hung up on the grading thing'
Train with energy, commitment, passion, dispassion and always 'scan'

There are plenty of experts out there carrying the scars of battle.
Grades are a good indicator of progression but don't make you bullet proof.

I like others viewed the day as training in addition to grading. A good example can be gleaned from 'Joe Ambrosino-G5' who trained/graded with us in preparation for his expert level.

By the sunday evening I had seized up, even after a nice bottle of Chiraz.
I was faced with a dilemma-Who fixes the sports therapist who fixes everyone else?  Obviously I can't treat myself. After 2 ice baths and general whinging I managed to get an appointment with Jules Bayliss - 07976 719072. Thanks Jules!