Combat Athletes!
Yes, that's what we are.
We need to train in a multi-joint manner to emphasize co-ordination and power.
Stamina doesn't really apply for us, as Krav Maga practitioners.
Our conflict will be over ASAP. 1-10secs hopefully.
We need to respond explosively, decisively. To break a grip and counter-attack in a powerful and violent manner.
30mins on the rower, the run around the block doesn't really cut it for us.

Old school or callisthenics provide a great training methodology.
The circuit below provides a great workout.


5 Single Arm Clean and Press (Both Arms)
5 Single Arm Dumbell Swings (Both Arms)
10 Burpees
60 Secs Rest

Repeat 5 Times


Magic 50 M50   
Mike K       20kg        9.37       ES   
Paul O'       11kg        9.25       ES
Elgin          11kg        9.50       ES
Simon        10kg     10.07        ES
Crawford   11kg      10.03        ES      
Ross          11kg      09.10        ES
Mat M        11kg      11.28        ES
Kieron       11kg      11.28        ES

Denis        12kg        8.32        ES
(Minimal Rest Periods but longer sets)

Misc Magic
Yargo M30 11kg      06.26        ES
Marco M30 11kg      05.34        ES
Shem M30 11kg      06.38        ES

'   = End of Session
            i.e After 45mins of training, pad work, etc.




"Valour is superior to number"